What are WeDoFlatpack charges?

We charge £45 for the first hour the following hour(s) the charge is £40

At WeDoFlatpack, we charge by the hour. You pay for the time we take, and we ensure the job is done efficiently and effectively. Paying by the hour is more cost-effective for our customers.
  • Some companies charge in half or quarter hours, which may lead to rushed finishing or additional charges for idle chat. We don’t operate this way.
  • We don’t quibble over small time increments like 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Our pricing is based on the work involved, not the appearance or cost of the unit. For example, a bed typically takes 30-40 minutes to assemble, regardless of its price.

WeDoFlatpack Estimates

We provide estimates on how long the assembly will take based on the information provided by you, along with an approximate cost. Our estimates are accurate for 98% of all jobs we undertake.

  • Time to carry items: If items need to be transported from the point of delivery to the assembly point (e.g., from the garage to a bedroom), additional time may be required.
  • Clearing space to work: Sometimes, we need to clear a space to work in. Jobs in small or confined spaces may take longer, especially if a wardrobe cannot be assembled lying down or requires two people.
  • Differences in furniture: The assembly time may vary if the furniture you buy differs from what you initially communicated to us. For example, a bedside table with drawers takes longer than one without, or a wardrobe with multiple internal features takes more time compared to a basic wardrobe.

Note: We require at least 30cm / 1ft of space around each unit when it is lying down during assembly to ensure ease of movement.

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